The smartest way to screen applicants

Next-gen recruitment software enabling rapid screening & selection, hot talent pools & applicant sharing across organizations and an amazing candidate experience.

Applications arrive into your ATS already filtered into Yes, No and Maybe shortlists. 

No more screening out irrelevant applications.


AI screening tech provides data-based recommendations to improve filtering results. 

Easy stakeholder comms speed up screening.


Every rejected applicant screened for roles across your company. Second chances for relevant candidates.

Share ready-to-interview applicants with colleagues.


How it works

Smarter screening

Removing the irrelevant applictions provides a rime saving of up to 70%. Time that is better spent looking for potential in applicants that might otherwise get left behind.

Faster recruiting

Share screening data with stakeholders with a click and get the right applicants to interview, quicker.

Sustainable pipielines

99.9% of applicants will be rejected. Give the best rejected applicants scond chances by sharing with colleagues globally.

The Talent & Growth Podcast

"The smartest in-house recruiting product we've ever seen"

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We're currently running a pilot with a limited number of customers, listening to feedback and fine tuning to create the best experience possible for all in-house recruiters. 

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