The Story of Promotion Tech

How and why, by Tony, the Founder of Promotion Tech:

The experience of being out of work for the first time in twenty years proved to be a key point in my career.

What happened next was instructive, eye-opening, and more than a little worrying. In a healthy market (2019), I found few opportunities that matched what I could do which caused me to waste time and effort chasing alternative roles, some too junior and others just because they sounded interesting.

But the job market was, and still is skewed towards experience. Specific and specialised experience. Gone are the days when employers are looking for the best person for the job, the person with the potential and aptitude to succeed.

It became a full-time occupation just to find a job. All application processes seemed overly long, complicated, and very, very stressful. Others had similar or worse experiences. And so the idea that became Promotion Tech was born. Having been in or around the Recruitment world for most of my career, I was aware that most professionals in this sector feel that the process of recruitment and the quality of its execution is at best variable if not broken completely. This was part of the validation I needed to get cracking on fixing it.

I looked at how the incumbent market leaders solved these problems that I saw the real opportunity. Because they didn’t.

The big 6 in the job-board world all did basically the same thing. Innovation across a period of more than 15 years was almost none-existent. A job board, an app, ability to search and send a CV. The biggest new thing they implemented was email notifications, and auto-apply. Taking the volume of applications to a new high, but quality to a new low!

Delving a little deeper it became evident that job boards have little or no interest in getting people jobs, they move traffic and sell traffic to advertisers!

Then came COVID19, and the job market in the UK took a nosedive with unemployment growing at an alarming rate and reports of hundreds of applications being submitted for every available job. Suddenly volume became the problem, hiring companies cannot deal with the new volume of applications and the process needs fixing.

What was hard before, has become seemingly impossible. Jobseekers suddenly had to broaden their searches to encompass every possible online platform and to apply to jobs within 24 hours of them being published to stand a chance of getting an interview, no matter what experience they have. Being perfect on paper is irrelevant if your CV is one of 500, where it’s unlikely to even get looked at!

On group that is affected more than most is young people, specifically the under 24's. Often lacking work experience, and heavily reliant on retail and hospitality sectors, COVID19 meant big problems for young people. Along with a lack of employment opportunities, anxiety about their future and a world seemingly on hold more must be done to help this part of the workforce.

Hence, Promotion Tech is aiming to work on all of these problems starting with the Promotion App which launches in October 2020, as the first tech solution fighting on the side of the job seeker. It’s early days and the initial App release features one of the six planned modules, but in providing a place to manage jobseekers applications we’re one step closer in our aim to decrease peoples time between jobs.